Roofers are professionals. Any person who desires to handle any roofing project should have gone through the appropriate training. More importantly, such a person needs proper licensing, permits and insurance to do such work. However, can an untrained, inexperienced, uninsured individual do such work? Yes, they can.
Homeowners identify and select inexperienced, uninsured, untrained people all the time. They do this to save money.
However, it is good to get a full professional. After all, a roofer does some sensitive work.

Working Part-Time

Students can work as roofers part-time. This is only possible if they know the work a roofer does. For example, it is the responsibility of roofers to inspect roofs, identify roofing problems, and determine the best solutions. Additionally, they have to measure the roofs to determine the amount of materials needed.

Working on Emergencies

In an emergency, people tend to find just about anybody experienced enough to handle the work. In this regard, a student working part-time as a roofer can provide the emergency roof repair your house needs. They may not be as adept at replacing the damaged and rotting joists/plywood on the roof like the usual roofing professionals but are still a good option especially if you can’t find any known professional on short notice.

Working to Earn Additional Money

Professional roofers cannot do all the work alone. At times, they need assistance too. They need people they can delegate the small and simple tasks to. Students fit the bill perfectly where such tasks are concerned. Therefore, students should apply for these jobs to make some extra money for their daily expenses or for supplementing tuition fees.

Roofers need to be good at installing vapor barriers. Their skills in installing layers of insulation should also be above average. Any student with such knowledge has a higher chance of finding the right kind of work. Students can earn some money or acquire the necessary hands-on training that improves their chances of landing the right job after school.

Highly Demanded Skills

Students with the following skills have no difficulty finding work:
a) Ability to install shingles
b) Ability to install asphalt
c) Ability to install metal
d) Ability to install other types of roofing materials
e) Capable of aligning roofing materials with the roof’s edges
f) Capable of cutting roofing materials so they fit around vents and walls
g) Knowledgeable in covering exposed nails and screw heads

Internship and Apprenticeship

Students possessing such extensive knowledge will find it easy offering the right roofing solutions. They can work as interns comfortably. They can do a bit of apprenticeship well to learn and improve their knowledge or be more skillful. Any student who can install roofs properly to prevent leaks from emerging is ready to work as a roofer.
After the apprenticeship/internship, one can independently take on jobs. With the experience and right licenses, s/he can become a self-employed roofer earning more money.

Students are free to apply for any roofing job or project they feel confident enough to do. At first, they may not earn much. However, any student who is of age taking a serious interest in the work can start with the apprenticeship to get experience then with time and growth in skill and clients; get licensed and insured.