If you are a college student with bookkeeping skills and/or experience, becoming a bookkeeper is one way you can earn some money for your upkeep or to service your student loans. Here are qualities you need to have to excel and ways you can advance you book keeping career.

Organization and Time Management

Possessing good organization, prioritization and time management skills will help you become an excellent bookkeeper. This is because bookkeeping demands routine tasks to be carried out promptly within the associated deadlines. You, therefore, need the ability to organize records well, identify the high priority tasks and manage your time well so that you are able to complete all your responsibilities on time. As with many other careers where you constantly communicate with different people, you also need to communicate effectively.

Good Communication Skills

Part of your job as a bookkeeper will involve communicating with your client or boss about the company’s finances. You need to be able to communicate well, both in written and verbal form. You need to be able to present well-prepared reports on the financial status of the business.
Be Inquisitive, Up-To-Date, and Pay Attention to Details

Part of your job will involve identifying errors and correcting them before the journals are raised. You need to pay attention to the smallest details so that you are able to detect errors in the records and correct them on time. You also need to have an inquisitive mind to question anomalies and find out the reasons why they are there. In addition, you must be good with numbers and be up to date on bookkeeping technologies and financial regulations.

Be Comfortable with Tech

Technology has penetrated almost all careers and bookkeeping is not different. Many businesses are no longer maintaining their records or transacting with papers. Much of their functions are digital including bookkeeping and accounting. You, therefore, need to be comfortable working with computers and have a working knowledge of the commonly used accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks.
Possessing the above qualities and others such as honesty, trustworthiness, and confidence alone is not enough for you to succeed in the bookkeeping field. You also need to possess the right qualifications. This includes getting the necessary education.

Get the Skills

There are many learning institutions offering programs in accounting and bookkeeping. You need to pursue relevant courses that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge of bookkeeping best practices. You also need to get relevant experience.


If you have no experience but have at least the basic training on bookkeeping, you can build experience by looking for opportunities where you can practice bookkeeping, whether paid or not. You can start at lower positions and internships. These will prepare you for higher ranks or to start your own bookkeeping/accounting business.

Get Certified

To stand out from the rest of the pack, you should consider getting certified as an expert in different bookkeeping and accounting software. Some of the certifications you should consider are Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Sage, Oracle financials, and others. Training for these accounting packages are available in different areas, and many are also available online through virtual learning platforms. Xero training and certification courses, for instance, are available online so it is quite easy to become a Xero Mosman expert bookkeeper even if there is no trainer near you.

With the above qualifications and proper marketing skills, you should be able to effectively sell yourself as the ideal candidate for employment or your business as the suitable bookkeeping partner to hire.