Without a scholarship or sponsor, many students depend on student loans while others have to take up jobs to pay for their college education. If you are one of these students who depend on student loans and must work to supplement the loan and earn some money, here are some job options for you:


If you are a good teacher, you can become a tutor for high school students or those at a lower level. You can also tutor fellow college students especially the freshmen. Depending on the location and your qualifications, you can make as low as $17 and up to $45 for each hour you work. In per hour payment but getting the first few jobs can be difficult. Fortunately, agencies can be of great help. There are online platforms as well where you can connect with students in need of tutoring.
The main requirement for these matchmaking platforms is that you either have a university degree or be attending university. Many also screen your background to make sure that you are not on a wanted list or listed as a sex offender or on a terrorist watch list. You just need to fill out your profile, be interviewed then wait for the background screening to be done before your profile is visible for students to hire you. This job offers flexibility since you can schedule the work hours to give you enough study time. Online tutoring jobs where you teach in a virtual classroom and using other technologies to teach and share learning materials are also available.

Social media assistant

This job involves helping companies to manage their social networking channels as well as their content marketing strategies. It involves coordinating ad campaigns with the company’s marketing team as well as coming up with ideas for social media content. If you are lucky to find a part-time job as a social media assistant, you can earn as much as $21 per hour and still have time for your studies.

Freelance writing

Freelance writer jobs can easily be found through online job boards such as Upwork. If you have good writing and research skills, you can take up this job that can earn you as much $20 per hour. The pay for freelance writers varies greatly and depends on the amount of work you are able to do as well as how you market yourself. With the right marketing and the ability to work hard and smart, you can earn a living and comfortably service your student loans. The specific requirements for each freelance job vary. Some explicitly demand one to have writing experience while others don’t require experience. It can, therefore, be relatively easy to get started as long as you have a strong profile and are able to sell you skill.

Online researcher

If you possess the research skills, you can take up a part-time/freelance online researcher job. From law firms and marketing departments to fellow students, many clients are looking for online researchers. You can find jobs through online job boards such as Upwork and indeed.
Many other jobs exist online such as transcription jobs that can earn you a significant amount of money. You can also get jobs as a grader, tech support, tour guide, teaching assistant and department assistant within your university. You just need to look.