Engaging in business while still in college is a way for students to get some additional income. As a student who had a taste of the corporate world, it also gives you experience on how to tackle different aspects in the job market. If you are already in business or are starting one, you should know about the 1300 numbers and how they can help your business.

1300 numbers are an alternative to a landline. They can offer a number of benefits to your business such as making your business more reachable and increase response rate given that they can be routed to a specific landline or mobile. This helps to enhance the marketing strategies you adopt. Before you get a 1300 number for your business, you should learn more about them.

What are 1300 Numbers?

1300 numbers offer your business a customized experience, whether it is a small, medium or large business establishment. This is why most new businesses are using the numbers to not only attract but also retain their customers. Many national companies are using 1300 toll numbers.

These numbers are becoming popular because they allow your customers to get to you, anywhere you are in Australia from a landline or a mobile phone. Here, you take the opportunity to direct all incoming calls to whichever direction you want in real time – all this for the cost of a local telephone call.
The toll numbers will make your business’ callers feel welcome as you can customize a message for them before the call is routed to a different line which can be mobile, landline or voicemail. Your customers’ calls can also be sent directly to your email and converted to audio files.

Are 1300 Numbers Free?

These numbers are inexpensive, but not entirely free to call. Calls to 1300 numbers from a landline will be charged at the normal local rate as long as the number is from Australia. Local charges are often low and untimed.

The rates when calling a 1300 number from a mobile phone will be determined by a timed rate and the charges from the mobile phone carrier. Generally, calls from a landline and those from payphones are charged a fixed rate, which is low and determined by the service provider. For your business as a student, the number is only for incoming calls.

What is the Cost of Getting 1300 Numbers?

There are different deals you can get with 1300 numbers depending on the size of your business and the volume of calls expected. The starter deal comes at about $15 a month, which is great for small businesses. For the medium deal, businesses can get a package that costs $35 per month while high volume deals for large businesses cost about $70 per month.

With these packages, you have access to a high number of features such as day routing, call announce, and voice-to-email. You will get about 12 unique features with 1300 numbers at no extra cost at all. You also get the flexibility of canceling your 1300 number contract at any time you need to without any problem.

Start Today

Buy a 1300 number and enhance your SME as a student today. There are almost a million numbers, most of which are designed for customers who can’t remember numbers easily. It is up to you to pick a number today and get started on developing your business as a student.