Knowledge of design, layout and typography principles and best practices, SEO, project management, server administration, mobile support, and use of design and coding software are essential requirements for a web designer. These are probably skills you have acquired in your college studies or elsewhere. Creativity, design sense, customer service and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines are also desirable skills. If you possess these requirements and skills, have a genuine interest in web design, and wish to make some money while being your own boss, starting a web design business might be a viable option for you. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Have the Right Mindset

Going down this path won’t be a walk in the park. Just like any other business getting established as a reputable web designer will take work, time, patience, dedication, flexibility, and perseverance. If you are an employee, you probably only focus on web design and leave the client-sourcing work to others. As a boss, you are the designer, marketing executive, and manager; unless you hire staff to handle other tasks. You will also meet difficult clients who will take longer to pay or never pay and those who will continually revise requirements and enlarge project scopes while insisting on the same price. You will also meet clients you will work with smoothly. Remember also that you might not have a constant flow of clients.

Decide What You Will Offer

The web design field is crowded with web design companies, so you need to decide what you will offer and make it unique. Further, you need to decide who you will be targeting as your potential clients.
Create a Financial Model
You need to determine your start-up and operating costs, the estimated number of clients you might be getting, how much you will be charging and how much time it will take you to break even. Once you are clear on these, look at what you have saved up to see if it is enough to get you through and leave you with enough for your survival in college.

Master Sales and Communication Skills

As mentioned above, before you hire specialized staff, you’ll put on many hats. You, therefore, need good management skills in addition to sales and communication skills. Communication skills are especially important because most of the time, you will need to speak to sell your business. Even if you are advertising online or hiring a marketing consultant, when those clients you’ve attracted call, you will need to communicate and do it well.

Be Knowledgeable and Stay Up To Date

Master the web design skills. Knowledge of CSS, HTML and scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP are often a plus despite the variety of web design and development platforms available that allow one to build websites without in-depth knowledge of such languages. You should also stay up to date on the trends, tools, and practices in the web design field. This way, you will be able to stay relevant as techniques change and new improved tools and practices are adopted. You should also consider learning additional programming languages. For instance, you can learn the programming languages so that you can offer web design and development services. SEO techniques and requirements also change quite frequently, thus it pays to stay updated on search engine algorithms and SEO best practices. This way you’ll be able to design and develop optimized websites that can be easily found on the web.