Straighteners are very popular with women. Even when used frequently, they can last several years with proper maintenance, which involves regular cleaning.

Whether you’re the only one using or have started a small hair styling venture on campus, you need to clean it regularly. Otherwise, the hair will be exposed to all manner of dirt and germs, and the straightener won’t function well for long. If you have no idea how to do it, a guide on how to clean your straightener will be helpful.

The method used for cleaning the straightener depends on the type you have. The most common types include:
a) Metal plates
b) Ceramic plates
c) Titanium plates
d) Tourmaline technology

Dangers of Using Unclean Straighteners

Some of the problems associated with using an unclean straightener is that it emits heat unevenly. Such a situation could be dangerous to your hair. Since there are products applied to the hair to protect it from heat damage and achieve better styling, cleaning the straightener is even more necessary. The grime that collects over time on the straightener as a result of the hairsprays and heat protectants can also make the straightening surface sticky; thus, pulling the hair excessively. The hair also won’t smell as fresh after straightening.

Therefore, basic cleaning is recommended after each use. A more thorough cleaning is recommended at least once a week. You should, however, observe some things:
‘ Avoid submerging in water
‘ Use specialty cleaners
‘ Be gentle

Learning how to clean your hair straightener will ensure it is clean and abrasive cleaning does not damage the surface. This will help you achieve better hair styling.