It is impossible to work efficiently as a craftsman without all the relevant tools. A laptop is one of the most important tools of trade for web designers and developers. Students studying web design and development also need the best equipment for designers, include laptops, high quality printers and scanners, and peripherals. The choice of a laptop depends on each student’s needs. The students need to shop around to find something fitting their needs and budgets too.

Below are the qualities worth considering.

Operating System

The first quality is the Operating System. Some laptops come with a pre-installed OS. Often, you will find laptops that do not have any OS pre-installed. Therefore, it is good to decide on the kind of OS you need for designing and developing websites. In this field, four types of Operating Systems are used more commonly than others. The operating systems in question are Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows OS. Choose what you are comfortable with.

What is Your Budget?

How much have you set aside for buying a computer, printer/scanner/etc? It is good to do your research well so you know the amount of money a good laptop will cost you. Web designers and developers are a lucky lot in that they can use just about any laptop. This makes it easier for them to find the best laptop at affordable rates. In this regard, they are luckier than computer scientists and graphics programmers. The following are the price ranges for most types of equipment:


a) $150-350 for a budget laptop
b) $350-700 for a mid-range laptop
c) $700-1,000 for a high-end laptop
d) $1,000 for a high-end, high-performance laptop


a) $80-$100 for a budget printer.
b) $120 – $200 for a mid-range printer
c) $300 -$500 for a high-end printer (ideal for artists and designers to showcase design work)
d) $500+ for an industrial grade printer.


Choose your laptops wisely and carefully if you want to avoid a life of regrets. Check the specs on each laptop before parting with your hard-earned cash. The specs should match the kind of work you intend to be doing with the machine. Depending on the type of work you will be doing on a regular basis, you may or may not need a laptop with a fast CPU. A laptop with a fast CPU is ideal for:
• Rendering effects
• Carrying out computations


You cannot do much with a laptop that struggles with providing all the storage space you need. You need a laptop capable of loading fast. You need a laptop that does not take an eternity to save or open files. This is largely influenced by the storage. SSD laptops are costlier but worth the money if you value speed. Don’t hesitate to spend whatever it takes to get a laptop that offers the Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD) which offers the advantages of conventional hard drives combined with some Solid State Disk (SSD) features. You can also choose one that combines the conventional HDD and SSD. With such a computer, you will be able to:
• Install your Operating System on the SSD, which is faster
• Store all massive files on the HDD, which is more spacious

Lastly, students need laptops whose batteries do not run out in minutes. A good laptop is one whose battery lasts for hours without the need for a recharge. However, a laptop with 4K resolution screens, which many web designers and developers are turning to, will require and consume more power. Do not hesitate to contact the Secret Asian Man for any information you need on the best laptops for students studying web design and development.