Love of Outdoors

If you love trees, climbing, working outdoors and understand tree anatomy; an arborist job could be a suitable source of income. The job typically involves tasks such as trimming and pruning trees, planting and transplanting trees, removing stumps, evaluating trees to detect disease and pests, provide structural support for weak trees, and felling trees that pose a danger to the community.
The job does not require formal training although it would be an added advantage, especially for career advancement. However, some on the job training is a must.

The amount of work

The amount of work for arborists varies with seasons, being the least during winter. Spring and autumn provide a lot of opportunities as they provide the best environment to plant trees. During these seasons, the temperatures are forgiving, and a lot of watering is not as necessary as in the intense heat of summer. Working for an arborist company, municipal councils, or freelance; the job involves physical contact with different types of trees. One is therefore regularly exposed to bites, cuts, stings, skin-irritating pests, pesticides and fertilizers, making it necessary to invest in protective clothing are important. Further, owing to the types of equipment that they regularly handle safety gear such as gloves, goggles, helmets, earplugs and lock jacks may be necessary depending on the specific task being carried out.

One can earn a decent amount of money from a career or venture as an arborist, and after gaining experience, you can choose to branch into landscape business or other advanced and related careers. You can also establish and manage your own arborist company if you have the knack for it.