Launch Manager

Livingston, TN, us

Company: Hutchinson

Category: Engineering

Published on 2021-10-21 19:19:12

BASIC PURPOSE Manages both the customer and the various resources within HFMS to meet the specific objectives for awarded customer programs that are required to follow APQP process, and awarded programs in Mass Production. Serves as the primary contact while assigned to the specific program in Mass Production. MINIMUM POSITION SPECIFICATIONS 5 years experience in automotive. Strong verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to handle multiple tasks/programs, high energy, strong customer relations, good organizational skills, demonstrated leadership skills, financial acumen, initiative (Personal Accountability). Must have at least 5 years working experience within the automotive industry. Bachelor’s Degree preferred. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES PROGRAM MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS: · Stoplight Chart for awarded programs in APQP . Responsible to manage Stoplight Chart to track cost and timing for billable tooling, capital equipment, purchased components, and returnable packaging for awarded programs in APQP. · Coordinate Plant deliverables for awarded programs in APQP on a weekly basis within 12 weeks of due date . Support Program Manager to coordinate Hutchinson plant activities and MRD's: Prototypes, Trial Builds, Internal PSO & RunRate, Customer PSO & RunRate, SOP Ramp Up, etc. · Lead cross functional Program Team with awarded programs in Mass Production. Serve as the team leader (local and global) for assigned Program Team for awarded programs in Mass Production that have design changes . Support Sales to coordinate events at the Hutchinson Plant: Prototypes & execute PICS awarded design changes for Mass Production programs. · Weekly Program Team meetings and Open Issues List. Responsible to manage Open Issues List with your Program team for awarded programs in Mass Production that have design changes . Resolve in a timely manner all open issues that arise on the program. Schedule Program Team meetings on a weekly basis to ensure that adequate attention is being paid to the potential problem items, i.e., identify, plan, execute and resolution. Communicate the Open Issues list to the Program Team and Management by email distribution immediately following the Program Team meeting. Follow the Escalation Procedure as required to meet program timing. · Program Timelines. Responsible to create and manage the Program Timeline for design changes in Mass Production . Ensure that the project milestones are met and tracked by the Program Team through the appropriate monitoring tools, Program Timeline, Open Issues List. · Customer contact. Act as the key point of contact within Hutchinson, and with the customer for awarded programs in Mass Production. Identify requirements and expectations of the customer. Create and maintain customer relationships and goodwill in a professional manner. · VA/VE . Work with Program team to develop, submit, and implement cost savings (VA/VE). · May temporarily co-locate for reasons strategic to the program. · Support the Total’s 12 Golden Rules for safety and maintain compliance with IATF 16949 registration. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS Reports to Director of Program Management. Regular contact with all functional engineering units, purchasing and operations. Interfaces on a continuing basis with senior management, customers and suppliers. The above is intended to describe the essential job functions and requirements for the performance of this job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of all supplemental duties or responsibilities . "The ability to travel as required within the US, Mexico, and Europe."
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