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Company: Ideal Healthcare Systems Inc

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Published on 2021-10-21 19:22:56

Job Description Home Care Agency looking for an experienced RN to supervise a small group of 20-30 nurses. Qualifications: (Preferred unless required by law) Licensed registered nurse in the state Three years experience as a professional nurse with two years administrative/supervisory experience in community health; or Completion of a baccalaureate degree in nursing; or Completion of a master's degree program in nursing, including public health and/or administrative studies; or Public Health nursing certification Responsibilities: Assist the Administrator in planning the overall development and administration of the Agency as set forth in the policies and procedures relating to the agency’s programs. •Participates in the development of administrative policies and procedures relating to the Agency •Directs implementation of approved work methods and procedures that reflect elements essential to rendering high quality care throughout the provider offices •Reviews and evaluates existing clerical/administrative policies and practices to determine if current methods provide the means for the staff to carry out their responsibilities: and achieve projected goals •Participates in the review, analysis, and appraisal of the effectiveness of the total Agency program •Utilizes the OBQI/OBQM data reports to quantify Agency’s home care performance against the national norms. Recommends to the Administrator methodology to change outcomes and improve OBQI scores. •Aggregates the quarterly clinical record review summaries for the provider to present at the annual PAC committee •Works closely with the recruiter to assist Branch Managers in achieving satisfactory staffing leadership in promoting and maintaining standards for giving high quality care by all members of the patient care team •Assures that established PI committees maintain the goal of meetings per calendar quarter •Assists the Administrator in planning and conducting the annual Professional Advisory Committee requirements for the delivery of care •Assists the Administrator in collecting data for inclusion in the Annual Agency Evaluation and formulating the report •Recognizes leadership potential and offers opportunities for leadership training and development Manages the budgets as directed by the Administrator seeking supplementals prior to exceeding the budgetary requirement • Evaluates own job performance and utilization of resources in planning for professional growth • Receives and acts to resolve complaints subject to the agency’s grievance procedure in the capacity of “next higher level authority”. Apprises Administrator of potential legal risks • Participates with Branch Managers in the employee termination process assuring that full and complete documentation exists prior to executing disciplinary actions including written warnings through termination • Ensures implementation of national continuing education program as negotiated by corporate • Perform other duties as assigned by the administrator • Projects a concerned, professional attitude and develops a positive rapport with all staff • Establish mutual goal setting and achievement of standards • Develops an open, positive rapport with community resources affiliated with home health care services • Maintain high visibility and availability while in the office • Assists the Sales/Marketing department as requested • Serves as a member of the Professional Advisory Committee • Participates in local organizations and activities relative to the health professions and community health services • Participates in state and national organizations, meetings, seminars, workshops and activities relating to the health professions and health care services, when appropriate • Assumes the role of Acting Administrator in the absence of the Administrator. In this capacity, the DCS shall report directly to the CEO/COO while in the Acting Administrator role. Company Description Home care agency
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