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Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Tampa, FL, us

Company: ContractRecruiter com

Category: IT / Computing / Software

Published on 2021-10-21 19:19:28

Job Description THIS POSITION WILL PRIMARILY BE REMOTE HOWEVER EMPLOYESS ARE REQUIRED TO COME INTO THE OFFICE A FEW TIMES PER MONTH. Role As a quality analyst you will be a member of a high performing team that solves real world problems that affect all of us and in turn make a huge impact in the healthcare space. You will work to build a healthcare platform curated for each person via massive amounts of consumer demographic, clinical, socio-economic data, and run through complex rules to deliver targeted healthcare solutions, at scale. If you passionate about creating delightful cross platform (mobile & web), distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant systems with rapid Build-Measure-Learn cycles, we would love to talk to you. Collaborate with product and other business teams to break features down to stories focusing on how features will be tested and ensuring quality is built in from the start. Participate in technology discussions including pros/cons of approaches to solve business and technical problems and continuously improve our technical proficiency & efficiency Actively complete testing activities; participate in test reviews, documentation Responsible to proliferate best practices across the development team through tests reviews and testing Takes initiative to identify and proactively tackle important problems like regression test suites and coordinates with others on crosscutting quality issues. Take ownership of the results - You are interested in using analytics to derive insights through software Understands and evangelizes our development philosophies: Distributed Systems, SaaS Domain Driven Design Event-Based Architecture Instrumentation to log data for all types of insights Code maintainability, SOLID Principles Discuss and learn from failure Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or related field You are able to manage your own time and are hungry to contribute and learn Familiarity with Agile methodologies in a rapid iteration environment 3 years overall experience, including several areas below: Utilizing Test Frameworks ( Cucumber, Selenium) Structured Scripting of Test Cases (YAML, Gherkin) Test Planning, including Data Staging, Pre-Condition Definition, and Test Case Optimization Company Description Our Client today features a full suite of best in-class business management solutions and powerful market intelligence resources to help entrepreneurs and brands manage their ecommerce businesses. We have a team of 290 across 3 offices (Vancouver, Austin, Shenzhen) & remote in 100 cities supporting 500,000 entrepreneurs & brands, supporting 10 global amazon marketplaces and attributing to $10 billion towards amazon revenue. Our Client is an all-in-one platform for building successful businesses selling on ecommerce platforms with industry-leading tools and tons & tons of data. It used to just be Amazon but we are expanding to Walmart as well. We have both a small to medium business product as well as Enterprise. On the SMB side, this is what we’re known for and what we’ve been doing for almost 7 years. We have a very comprehensive all-in-one platform where entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses can experience their entire selling journey all in one place. From product research and sourcing to keyword and listing optimization, review automation, sales and inventory management, and more. Each step and decision along the way is backed by tons of data. On the other side - We also have an Enterprise product called Cobalt that provides market insights to enterprise brands, agencies and analysts.
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